Magically delicious world under fern

Magical Delights

Hello Klárka, I´m so much looking forward to an interview with you that I am completely nervous, like a small child going to school for the first time. First of all, I would like to thank you from heart of my heart for your wonderful book and congratulate on its well deserved success. The Magical Delights wander to all over the world and charm everybody after they first open it. And no wonder. You have taken us into the world we dreamed about when we were children and forgot about it as adults. And you reminded of it to us. A world where everything is a little bit magical and full of peace and love. I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us. You gave us a gift the value of which recognises everybody who takes a colouring pencil and starts to colour in your book. 

I would so much like to know a lot about the elfs who led your hand when you were drawing the Magical Delights and at the same time I know that they are so tiny and fragile that we can´t reveal them completely to the world. However, can we just lift the fern leaves and have a look behind the veil? There where you were let in? Just a little bit, for a little while, please?!

It´s the evening ... or more of a night better to say and so, with love and surrounded by my Little Ones – elfs, I´m sitting down to answer some sweet questions of our even sweeter Martina. ..

In case a lost letter sneaks in here, excuse me please, the elfs are chirping here and they are literally squeaking to tell me what I should write about them, they are so keen that here and there one of them jumps on the keyboard and very happy with his work he leaves a letter here for me which has nothing to do in the sentence. I must truthfully answer the very first question, when I first met the world of elfs, I don´t know.. actually, I don´t remember...but the elfs claim they remember it exactly... it happened during a storm when Elijah´s fires first "flared up" next to my bed... Supposedly, the strange bright bluish discharge wasn´t any Elijah´s fire but they were brand new little lanterns for magical flames..."..yes, I´m writing it here..." I can hear happy muttering on my shoulder.. It´s very hard to explain to them that it is an interview with me, though about them..:o) .. so I must insert their remarks thoroughly..

Yes, yes, YES! As you write in your question, Marti, you imagine the elfs as kind little creatures who invite people into their little cottages.. I´m writing this "aloud".. but just between us- very quietly, they are pretty naughty sometimes.. and they love honey! A piece of good advice... if you want to find out if you have an elf at home just leave a honey jar open a little bit and you will see for sure in the morning that mysteriously the whole surrounding is sticky... at night the whole flock of elfs gathers around the jar because the nice smell from underneath the lid spreads all around the house and some elfs can smell it even from the garden.. I have no idea how exactly they get right to the bottom of the jar but there really isn´t much honey left after their visit.. A remark from the elf crew.. they don´t want honey at all they just want to make us people happy to think that we were taken in by them. .. Also be aware of lost socks after washing them whenever you take out just one sock instead of a pair, then it is clear what the elfs used for their new clothes.. :o)

A lot of forest elfs moves to my home for the winter.. they adore the fireplace warmth, wild ride on my tom cats and also my vanilla crescents... When I was drawing my first colouring book, they were sitting next to me from early morning until late night, passing a pencil to me, moving an eraser on the paper, or competing in recognising themselves in the pictures.. and they also sipped my cocoa and bit my home made caramels.. I had to put a lid on my cup of coffee, they are wild after caffeine.. Many times they brought a cart full of wild berries.. mainly blueberries and cranberries.. and some raspberries and small nicely smelling strawberries here and there.. Elfs, I must stress, love animals very much.. they brought a fawn as well as forest mouse straight in front of my window... they meditated with a cat in a cornflower field and they were showing me a sleeping shrew until I drew it correctly according to their opinion.. :o)

After midnight I regularly used to hear first quiet then louder tinkling music letting me know that it is the time to stop writing and tell them at least a short story before sleeping.. There were not more magical moments than to relax on the verandah in a rocking chair surrounded by chirping elfs, and forest animals in the distance... sweet smell of cocoa and a good feeling that further kind pictures calling for colouring in came to existence.

Paper... hmmm... concerning paper used in the colouring book I can say only as much... for a long very long time the assembly of elder elfs discussed the quality of paper, its tone and thickness.. around the bonfire under the moonlight weak shouts carried through the forest... "Cream! Caramel! Colouring pencils! Paints!" At the end a scroll of beautifully cream coloured paper fell into my lap accompanied by – "Yes, that´s the one! This one and no other!" So the decision was made.. Each individual picture in the book carries its own story.. story from my world.. from the world of elfs -realm of Little Ones... and now I betray a small secret to you... I myself am an elf a little bit, an elf who observes the world with his own dreamy eyes a I can´t do it otherwise..

And so with love I also add my piece of heart to the others a I will joyfully spread kindness, joy and tenderness in the next colouring book which I hope will be published next year..

We want to thank to you that you give life to the pictures by colouring them in thank to you all that you exist..

Klára and the elfs..

Klárka, thanks a lot for the interview with which you have made happy me and all my dear readers. Give best regards to the elfs and animals who certainly participated a great deal in the colouring book making. You are all great. The best. To us, colouring book freaks, you are heroes. And you, Klárka, are a fairy to us we are proud of the most.


  1. Hi, I'm from Brazil. And here everibody loves the work of Klára, are in the 'wish list' from my friends. She is so talented and amazing, and never lost the enchanted childhood of your memory. Magic Delights, go be an editorial sucess here. Kisses from Brazil.

    1. Dear Fellipe, thank you so much for your nice words..♥

    2. Felipe Silva, você não percebe que esta sendo chato ficar pedindo ou choramingando dando de vítima pra conseguir os livros que você quer?! Moleque so porque você tem 15 anos de idade não é o centro da atenção não. Sua mãe não te ensinou que ficar pedindo as coisas para as pessoas é falta de educação? Infelizmente muitas pessoas caem no seu papinho de coitadinho. Mas isso tem que parar, ja esta muito feio e chato isso.

    3. Greetings to Brazil, Fellipe :)

  2. The book is delightful and magic and i recommend it to all my facebook friends. Will your next book be about elves again? Will their story continue?

  3. The book is delightful and magic and i recommend it to all my facebook friends. Will your next book be about elves again? Will their story continue?